We have been in serious growth mode since the end of last summer – both in staff hired and clients brought on board. Because we have such tried-and-true practices and procedures in place we are able to do all of this pretty smoothly.

If you’re in the midst of growth or if you’re looking at your processes and procedures, you will want to put accountability metrics in place. If your staff aren’t sure of the standards you’re setting for them, how will they know if they’re not meeting them (or if they’re exceeding them!)?accountability

Here are some ways you can improve staff accountability. Remember though that the company culture starts at the top so make certain you’re setting a stellar example:

  1. When you are hiring or assigning a new project to a staff member, make certain the expectations are set at the onset. You need to be sure they are clear on the outcomes expected and at the steps they need to take to achieve them.
  2. Set clearly defined goals and work tasks for each team member. Don’t leave it up chance; if you do, something will fall through the cracks. This way each individual knows what he or she is responsible for.
  3. Work with your team members on a regular basis to go over the steps completed, the outcomes of those steps. Don’t wait until a deadline is looming before you check in with staff to “see how things are going” – by then it could be too late to get a stalled project back on schedule.

Does your team know what you expect of them? Are those expectations in writing in a procedure manual for your company?

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