Is Average Good Enough?

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Picture2What do you think? If you make an effort is that all that required, or do you seek to be exceptional? As a Biz-Tip reader I’m betting you’re in the second group – seeking to be exceptional. I knew someone who used to say, “It’s good enough for who it’s for!” but is “good enough” really good enough?

Too often we see the results of average all around us. There are products that don’t last and service that barely lives up to its description. Mediocrity is everywhere! If you want to stand out, don’t settle for average.

Here are some things that help you stand out:

  • Have goals: only 3% of people have written goals.
  • Keep learning: leaders are readers and are constantly growing.
  • Don’t just deliver on your promises, go the extra step to make it special.

Average is the enemy of exceptional. Fortunately you get to pick which one you are. You can blend in with everyone else or you can stand out. You choose. For me, average has never been enough!!

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