Is It a Gift?

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How do you view delay? For example, say you’re meeting someone at a scheduled place and time, but at the last minute find out Picture1they’re running late. How do you take the news? Are you irritated and upset? Or do you bounce with the news? Do you think to yourself, it’s a great time to check emails and voicemails, see what’s happening on FaceBook or Linked In, read a book that you downloaded to your tablet or just put your feet up and enjoy the break in your schedule?

This scenario happened to me last week. When my associate arrived to find me with my iced green tea in hand, feet elevated, checking emails, she remarked that I had treated the delay as a gift. I thought, “why not?” (She even suggested that I share this with you, my Biz-Tip readers! Thanks, Trish!)

Life’s too short to get bent out of shape because of an unavoidable delay. Often what happens to you is not nearly as important as how you react to it. The choice is yours! We all know the saying that “patience is a virtue.” So accept the gift of delay when it happens and let your virtue show.

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