I believe that the solution to clutter is having a system. Create a system that works for you. Your life will be easier and your business will be more profitable. The old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place” wasn’t just to keep Grandma happy. There was real science and economics behind it.

If you can’t find something, you’re wasting both time (costing money) and energy (creating stress). If everything is “in its place,” think how quickly you could locate things!
Since we are a totally paperless virtual accounting firm, our system is vital. There is a specific way that we name documents and a specific place that each document is stored. I just did a quick test. For any client I can locate any bill that we have ever paid or any report that we have ever generated in 16 seconds! That is way cool!! What that means is two things: we have a clearly documented system and that our staff is well trained on how to implement it. However that still doesn’t mean that the top of my desk is always cleared off!

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