Is This Seed Time Or Harvest?

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business growthFarmers in many parts of the country are gearing up for the fall harvest season. As small business owners, we’d like it to always be harvest time, wouldn’t we? Hopefully is always it. But harvest never happens without seed time first. Now is the perfect time to plant seeds.

What are you doing to “seed” new business for your company? Here are a few ideas to try:

  • When you go places you’ve never gone, you’ll meet people you’ve never met. Visit a “new for you” business group this month.
  • Form a strategic alliance with like-minded business professionals. Choose someone where you not only receive benefit, but you give benefit as well.
  • Advertise where your heart and values are. Our virtual accounting firm has placed so few ads in the last 13+ years I can count them on my fingers. This month we put a full-page inside back cover ad in my church business directory.

Once you plant seeds, be sure to cultivate them. Follow up with everyone: people you meet, prospective clients, and strategic partners. Find a way to stay in touch that brings them value. Then wait for your harvest!

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