We’re in the midst of gathering resumes because we’re hiring a new accounting associate. The continued growth of our virtual accounting business is due to strategic planning and diligent adherence to ethical practices and stellar customer service.

If your business is teetering on the edge of growth, here are some measures you should have in place to make sure it’s a seamless process and that business team growing pains don’t plague you:

  • Do you have strategies in place for growth? Where will you house new employees? If they’re working remotely, how will you manage them effectively? Do you have the systems in place for this?
  • How much growth can you afford? Will the number of new clients you bring in be enough to pay for the new staff you must hire?
  • Do you have enough people in place, right now, to handle growth? If not, how soon can you find, hire and train the best people for the job? Can you hire people to work flexible hours that vary from week to week? Is there someone you can use for special projects? Is now the time to ramp up?
  • What changes will business growth bring to your company culture? Will it impact your customer service or product delivery? What can you do to insure consistently good service?

Growth is what all entrepreneurs strive for, but it needs to be done with a thoughtful plan in place. Proper steps will help you grow with ease.

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