Every time I sit at one of my workstations for more than an hour or two, my left ankle hurts. Go figure! Ankles are not typically something involved in working on your computer! After months of pain, I accepted the kind offer of Katherine Iacuone, DC, of Desert Valley Chiropractic to do a free (yes, FREE!) workstation analysis.

Dr. Iacuone came out to my office, observed how I sit, type, view the monitor and function in general at each of my workstations. She made 3 suggestions for each workstation. One suggestion was an adjustment of how I’m currently positioning myself, one was for each for a higher footstool (probably not something that you need to worry about unless you are only 4’11 ½” tall like I am) and one for a seat cushion that would cost me only $20 each. Contact her at dr.katherine@desertvalleychiropractic.com  if you want a review of your workstation. Tell her you saw it on TAO’s Biz-Tip.

You can have a co-worker check you out if you like. The basic rules are:

  • Keep your elbows in, they should be close to your body
  • Your elbows and knees should be at 90 degree angles
  • Your chin should be level

What a difference it makes! Thanks, doc!

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  1. Great information. With many of us spending more time at our computers, proper placement of equipment and comfort is certainly key.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable infomation.

    Nancy Sanders
    Three Dog Marketing


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