It Could Happen To You…

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Like It Happened to Rick

Sometimes life comes at you so fast that you never know what hit you. More importantly, you didn’t have time to plan while that is happening. Rick was out in his back yard, not even two miles from my home and on the same lake, when he got bit by a mosquito. That’s a common occurrence in the summertime. But there was nothing common about this bite. Three days later he went into convulsions and quickly dropped into a deep coma that lasted for 6 weeks. When he came out of the coma he was totally paralyzed. The diagnosis: West Nile disease. Family and friends rallied around his wife Dee and helped out as best they could. Dee had written checks before, but had never paid the bills. Rick had always done that, so his best friend tried to help out in that area.

By the time they came to our virtual accounting service for assistance with personal bill paying, some irreversible things had happened. As Rick lay in intensive care, he turned 65. His employer’s insurance policy stopped covering him but he hadn’t applied for Medicare. The correspondence about this had been overlooked with everything else that was going on. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that 4 weeks in intensive care without insurance is not a good thing. The good news is that the hospital was reasonable to negotiate with and that Rick had an almost complete recovery. Retired, he is back to paying his own bills now. But he told us that if Dee ever has to call 911 again, her next call is going to be to us! And our team of highly skilled accountants will be there ready to help.


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