It Could Happen to You…

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…Like it Happened to Sarah

Sarah was married to a wonderful man, a former CPA, who took care of all things financial. She never had to do anything except write checks to her housekeeper and at the beauty parlor. Her husband managed their extensive investments, paid all the bills, and handled all the taxes. We had discussed having TAO pay their personal bills, but he actually enjoyed doing it. He kept a 12 column ledger and recorded every check he wrote in the proper column – very “old school.” An active and vibrant man even though he was over 70, he seemed to be the picture of health as he played golf 5 days each week. That is until he had a stroke. From that time on he couldn’t speak or write until he passed on.

Sarah called us in a panic after the stroke. We were able to start paying the bills, watching over the copious amount of mail that came in, and trying to communicate to her husband that she was in good hands. We think he understood. How much easier the transition would have been it he had started with our service before his stroke. We would have been able to ask questions, understand his desires, and be in a better position to support Sarah.  Think of the comfort that would have given Sarah at a time when she needed all the comfort she could get.

This all happened over 11 years ago. Sarah is still with us. She has total peace of mind knowing that her bills are being paid and that her financial resources are being watched over. We’re working together with her CPA and financial planner to make sure things stay that way.

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