We have been in a serious growth mode at our virtual accounting office since early last fall! That means hiring, training, and keeping everyone engaged in the processes and procedures for the accounting services we provide for our clients.

Because we are a virtual office, I do my best to keep everyone engaged. How? Here are my three top methods for creating an engaged workforce:

  1. Empower your team. If you’ve hired wisely (and we do thanks to our in depth hiring process I am almost guaranteed of that!) you should employeesbe comfortable enough with your employees to let them go forth and complete their tasks. Make certain their roles are clear. Provide them the tools they need to perform. Then let them do their jobs. Make sure you have good tracking mechanisms in place so you’ll know the work is being done.
  2. Don’t let communication suffer. It’s easy to get involved in the day-to-day tasks and soon you discover you haven’t talked with your team in weeks. Put “team meetings” in your calendar and touch base. If the lines of communication are open and your staff knows you’re open to hearing from them, everyone benefits.
  3. Provide feedback and constructive criticism. Use every opportunity as an educational opportunity. If you talk to your staff in a timely manner and offer feedback designed to help them perform their jobs at a higher level, they will take it to heart and become a better employee for you! Feedback will also keep everyone engaged. During a feedback call ask, “Is there anything you need from me to help you more effectively do your job?” Make sure it’s a two way street.

An engaged workforce will likely be a happy workforce and that will trickle down to your clients and enhance the perception of the benefits they receive from you!

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