I love giving examples through acronyms because they’re easy to remember. I’d read recently about how business owners can take the lead in their company and be in the KNOW about what makes their own team tick.

Whether you’re leading a virtual accounting team like I am or if you’re a small business owner that leads a team in a physical location, you need to always be learning. Leaders who stop learning fall behind the competition in both technology and industry trends. Don’t let the world pass you by!

Here is what I use the KNOW acronym for:

K – Knowledge that a leader brings to his or her team and clients. As the business owner it’s your job to provide the tools necessary for success.

N – Not always being the one to offer a solution to a problem. Let your team puzzle it out. Have team meetings and ask opened ended questions and start brainstorming sessions; empower your team.

O – Open your doors to your team. Yes, you need to be inaccessible at times just to get your own work done, but let the team know you have specific times set aside to listen to their concerns. “O” also stands for opening your own schedule for some “me” time; you need to replenish and recharge your own batteries in order to remain effective.

W – Weigh your options. You don’t want to procrastinate a decision because that drains your mental energy, but try to get out of the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” frame of mind.

Be in the KNOW!

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