As a leader or business owner you need to project a positive attitude. In my role as owner of a virtual accounting firm I have frequent interactions with my team and our clients. Even if I am having a bad day, I need to gather myself and project positivity. Why? You lead positive attitudeby example. If you demonstrate that you’re not having a good day and act that way with your staff, it could trickle down to their interactions with clients.

As a business owner you need to stop that bad attitude! What can you do to project a positive attitude and inspire your staff? Here are three thoughts:

  1. Share your excitement for your work. If you own a business, chances are you are thrilled to be providing the service that you do and you want to project that to your staff – whether your staff is virtual (like mine) or in your office. Use your words. When you’re excited you’re animated, not monotone! When you talk excited, you will be excited.
  2. Remember your vision for your company and its future and share it with your staff. Inspire them by showing them how the work they do is impacting, and helping you, to reach the vision you had established. Make everyone feel part of the team!
  3. I’d written recently about the magic words you should use: Please, Thank You and I Appreciate You. Bring those words to the workplace with you regularly and use them freely.

What’s the bottom line? There will be days when you simply aren’t up to snuff. On those days try to limit your interactions and work on solo projects. Being a positive leader will help your team reach its goals and can foster a more positive workplace atmosphere.

What can you do today to inspire through your attitude? Share your thoughts.





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