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When it comes to being the leader in your business, what does that mean to you? Does it mean you exert complete and utter control over every step of every task that every employee undertakes? Not in my book!

I think that to be a great leader you need to hire employees you trust, provide them with your tools and strategies and your reasoning for doing what you do and how you do it, inspire them with your vision and passion for what you do, and then trust them to perform. Ruling with an iron fist is exhausting for all involved. Besides, how will you continue to grow your business if you can’t trust your employees to do what they’ve been tasked with?

Here are some steps you can take to loosen up on the reins, let your employees – and your business – flourish:

  • Take a chance. If you’re like me, you put potential employees through a rigorous pre-screening and hiring process. Once you’ve done that and they have satisfied and met your standards, give them a chance to thrive within the environment you’ve established. Because I run a virtual accounting business, we have stringent requirements to adhere to, but I am always open to ideas and suggestions.
  • It’s not life or death. If an employee makes a mistake, hopefully it is easily addressed, managed and moved on from. Unless you’re a doctor, chances are the mistakes aren’t life or death.
  • Learn to let go. If you’ve built a great team you need to let them do what you hired them to do. Determine how heavily involved you need to be in specific areas of the business and delegate what you can. I’ve written before about taking items off my plate. Once you’ve delegated, trust that the individual taking on the task will perform up to your standards.
  • Trust and verify. You or your manager should do periodic checks to make sure systems are being followed and work is being done.

What do you do that makes you a great leader? I’d love to hear your techniques and strategies.

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