“The task of a leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” – Henry Kissinger

Seeing farther is something I have learned from my friend, Linda Woodbury. Born totally blind to working-class parents, Linda worked her way through college, obtained three degrees, and later founded two successful businesses without financial support. She is a champion sailor who has gone skydiving and swimming with dolphins. For Linda, all things are possible. It doesn’t take eyes to see farther.

Martha Beck says that a leader needs two kinds of vision: eagle vision and mouse vision. Eagle vision is a big, broad, high-level view. It’s looking at how your business is functioning as a whole, where it is headed, what is possible. Mouse vision is what is in front of your face right now; it is the task at hand. Laser focus on what needs to happen today will make the progress that is needed for the big possibilities to become realities.

Without a doubt the most exciting and challenging leadership position I have ever had is the one that I hold now as CEO of The Accountant’s Office. A close second to that was the year I served as President of National Association of Women Business Owners, Phoenix Metro Chapter. As one of the most influential organizations in the Valley and the third largest NAWBO chapter in the country, it is a dynamic and vibrant organization. Always progressive, there are lots of diversity and plenty of ways to be involved. Check it out at www.nawbophx.org. When you lead leaders, you really learn and grow.

“Lead as if you’ll be held accountable, because you will.” – Bobby Bowden

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