Now that tax season is over, I can fill my calendar with white space. What is white space? It’s time in your calendar where you can take a breath, kick back and relax – even if it’s only for 15 minutes at a time. Remember, it’s not about quantity of time filled into your calendar, it’s the quality of the tasks you fill it with.

Urge your team to leave white space in their calendar as well. If your staff is burnt out, their overall productivity and effectiveness suffers. Here are my tips for leaving time for reflection, renewal and taking time to strategize:calendar

  • Schedule space for lunch. Take lunch away from the computer and include time for a walk or a bike ride during your lunch time. Stepping away will help rejuvenate you. Exercise, even in short bursts, will help keep you both physically and mentally healthy.
  • Take a vacation. A real vacation involves disconnecting from emails and “the daily grind”. This means you can truly take time away from the office without being tempted to work.
  • Change your work location. Spring to fall I spend as much time as possible at our family cabin in the mountains. Even though I have easy access to the Internet and great cell phone connections, work just feels different when done at 7,000 feet.

Do you have white space built into your calendar?


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