Looking to Make a Change?

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Many people decide they want to make a change because they want to “fix” a bad habit, undertake a new, good habit, or add something Picture2to their lives or businesses they didn’t have previously. However, when individuals look at making changes they sometimes berate themselves for even having to make changes in the first place.

Shift your mindset if you want to change your habits. Here are some be-kind-to-yourself steps to take when you want to undertake changes in your life:

  1. Know the ultimate outcome. If you know the end goal, you can implement steps to get there. For example, if you want to run a marathon, determine which one you want to run, map out your fitness goals to make it happen and then take the small steps needed to eventually make it happen. If you want to bring in more clients, determine how many more you want, where you can find them, put together an action plan, and then work it.
  2. Are there alternatives? For example, if you set a goal of bringing in 10 new clients this month (a lofty goal!) is there another number that would work out just as well? If you brought in 5 new larger clients this month would that help you meet your revenue goal? Would even 5 smaller clients be a great start and will help build momentum toward the larger goal? Don’t set unattainable goals.
  3. Remember to be kind to yourself. You can’t change bad habits overnight; studies show it takes 21 days to change a habit. You may not have the processes in place to bring in 10 clients this month, but in working of those it may be feasible 3 months down the road.

As long as you’re continually moving forward you are making progress! What can you do to implement changes in your business or your life?

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