Making A Clean Sweep

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Rebirth, renewal and refreshing…those are the words I think of when Spring rolls around – even out here in the desert, the plants are coming back to life.

Spring is also traditionally a time of “spring cleaning,” the sweeping out of the cobwebs and the opening of the windows to let the fresh air in. How often, though do you spring clean your office? In addition to clutter costing you in terms of lost productivity, clutter fogs the thought processes as well.

Here are some easy practices to implement to make spring cleaning your office a breeze:

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes. Knowing you only have to focus on a task you may not enjoy for a short period of time may help you get it done.
  • Implement a filing system, either electronic or paper. As virtual accountants, we vote for electronic! Simply tossing paperwork in a drawer at the end of the night is not a filing system. Sort items into folders, label them and viola, they’re easier to find the next time you need them. Remember, the purpose of filing isn’t to file things away. The purpose of filing is to be able to retrieve them!
  • Don’t forget your computer desktop and email inbox as part of your spring cleaning routine. Set up folders for your work and your clients within your computer and also within your email accounts.

Save time, money and frustration and enjoy Spring!

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