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Whether you have employees that work on-site with you or if, like me, you have a virtual accounting team, you need to find ways to keep them motivated and invested in the work they are performing for your business.

You don’t have to pull out the checkbook in order to make this happen which is a boon to small business owners who may be struggling to make ends meet.

Here are three ways to motivate without money:

  1. Honor the rising stars. If you have an employee who goes above and beyond, make that known to the rest of the team. “Wowbusiness rising star, did you see the amazing job that Sue did with XYZ client?! Keep up the great work, Sue!” Recognition not only honors the person receiving it, but motivates the rest of the team who may want the same acknowledgement for a job well done.
  2. Help them hone their skills. Even if you don’t have a budget for training, perhaps you could delegate a bit of responsibility to a talented worker. There may also be opportunities for free training (as in CPE) that you hear about and can pass on to your team. Give the employee the time off to attend and then ask them to report back to the team on what she’s learned. This is a great way to offer the training to the entire team while making the attendee feel important for being able to provide the information.
  3. Allow for flexibility in working hours. You may have designated hours in which your clients expect to be responded to, but does that allow for flexibility for your employees in case they need to take a child to school, walk the dog or run an errand? Let your employees offer you a flex schedule option and see if that works in your business environment. Providing that autonomy can boost morale!

What can you do to motivate your employees in non-monetary ways? Share them here.

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