Networking Myths Debunked

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Lately it has been a rare occasion that I have left my office to attend networking events. We have been so busy with new clients and hiring and training new accounting associates that I’m in the office spinning plates!

Picture2When I have the time I do enjoy networking events simply because it’s a great way to shake some hands, reconnect with colleagues, and meet new people. There are some myths that I think surround networking and the benefits you’ll reap and here’s what I think they are:

  • It doesn’t matter what meeting I attend, as long as I attend something. Fact is, it does matter. If you’re not doing your homework and networking at meetings where you have the potential to find your ideal client, you are wasting your time.
  • Every person I meet is a potential client. Again, this is not true. Every person you meet is a potential colleague, but not necessarily a client. A colleague is someone who could become a trusted business partner who (once they get to know you and your business) could become a great referral source for you and could introduce you to a potential new client.
  • I need to recite my elevator speech and give my life story to everyone at every opportunity. Again, not an ideal way to network. If you’re on a blind date you certainly wouldn’t share your life story from birth to present on the first date, would you? No. Get to know the person in front of you. Ask open ended questions. Schedule a getting-to-know-you coffee meeting if you want to take the relationship further. This won’t happen with everyone you meet, just the people you “click” with.

If you plan your networking effectively it will grow upon itself and your efforts pay off with long term potential clients. It’s all about relationship building and that takes time.

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