New Math: 5/5 = 5!

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Today is a landmark day for me. I’ve been writing Biz-Tips just for you for five years today. If you’re one of the readers who has been with me all that time, Happy Anniversary to us! Since we have lots of clients who have been with our virtual accounting service for more than 10 years, I know there are many faithful readers who have been with me for the entire five-year journey.

Why do you think that is so? anniversary

  • They get value. I strive to make them think about something a little differently.
  • The topics I write on (communications, marketing, leadership and team building) really interest the small business owners who are my target market.
  • The tips are short and sweet! No long, rambling dissertations here!

What can you provide to your target market that would make them follow you for five years?

Thank you for the privilege of entering your inbox on a weekly basis and sharing my thoughts with you. I consider it a great honor and I appreciate the opportunity to be of service!

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2 Responses to New Math: 5/5 = 5!
  1. Great tips that I always enjoying reading. Carolyn has a ton of wisdom to offer everyone, regardless of where you are with your current business and financial plan. I was fortunate to have her team service my account for many years and it really set us up for long term success in many different ways.

  2. Dr. Dan, thanks for the compliment. It was our pleasure to be of service. Carolyn


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