New Year, New Goals

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Do you look at a new year as an “in with the new out with the old” mentality? While you don’t want to toss out what worked, you certainly want to do more of what did! In my virtual accounting practice I schedule time, several times a year, for retreats. During my retreats I reflect on what’sbusiness goals worked, what hasn’t, and what needs to be changed.

Here are some items you may want to reflect upon, during this first week of the New Year to see if you need to change the way you monitor and track your successes:

  • Do you have clearly defined goals? Goal should have measurable outcomes and easy to track performance indicators.
  • Do you have the correct tools with which to measure your goals? Are the metrics you’re tracking relevant to the outcomes you want to achieve?
  • Do you set aside time, on a regular basis, to check-in with the goals you’ve set and see if you’re on track? It’s best to set a new course early on in a goal-achievement process rather than get to the end of the year and wonder what went wrong.
  • Do you write your goals down? If it’s not written down, it’s just a wish, not a goal.

I’d love to hear about your measuring tools and techniques!

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