Oh, The Trouble I’ve Seen!

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It often amazes me when I talk to business owners and hear the horror stories they’ve experienced from business relationships that Values B&Wthey thought would be successful. As a life-long entrepreneur with a strong work ethic, I am stunned by the performance, or I should say lack of performance, of some businesses. They treat clients as a disposable commodity instead of a long time, valued relationship and an opportunity to serve.

Look for these qualities in your business relationships:

  • Track record – Have they been doing whatever it is they’re doing for a good while?
  • Team – Do they have a strong team around them to ensure stability?
  • Systems – Do they have documented systems to ensure consistent good results?
  • Shared values – Do they believe in the values and ethics you believe in?
  • References – Do they have satisfied clients who will sing their praises?
  • Trust – Check potential business associates out on the Better Business Bureau.

Your business relationships are so important, especially in the financial services arena. These are the trusted advisors who will help guide your business and will impact your bottom line. Choose wisely!

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One Response to Oh, The Trouble I’ve Seen!
  1. Track Record – If one is starting out the only thing they may have going for them is the willingness to look you in the eye while communicating with you. There are enough with track records that will not look you in the eye and give you a gut reaction that’s not good. Yes there are many with good track records that are quality relationships, but don’t use track record as a major decision maker.
    Shared Values – Absolutely these are important but be aware there are many wolves in sheep’s closing. Again this is where your gut comes in.
    References – the only potential relationships that I’ve been offered references from have apparently weeded their references out so only the groupies are represented. My gut talking here again. The only relationships that have ever asked for references have all turned out to be wanting in the relationship. They feel asking for my references will make me feel good about them.
    Better Business Bureau has it’s place for some industries. I was a member for several years. I got no new clients and an annual bill that had no value. I have clients whose opinion if the BBB is glory be and others who felt they were of no value after several years.
    Team & Systems are a must.
    If I sound cynical I do not apologize as after going through several career changes prior to what I do now big and little business taught me to play it close to the hip. I’ve been running my current business for over 20 years and don’t always get the correct gut feeling so I loose some of the time. I’ve survived so I must be doing it right most of the time.


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