Optimists win! That may not be a proven fact, but having a great attitude certainly can’t impede your chances at success. Wouldn’t you rather be with people who are upbeat and optimistic rather than those whose attitudes are gloomy?

Optimism can put you in the mindset of winning.  As an entrepreneur, success is your ultimate goal. As virtual accountants our team is scattered across the country. When we come together for quarterly meetings or conference calls, we celebrate our successes with one another because success breeds success!

Not certain if you’re “optimistic enough”? Here are three ways in which you can brighten your attitude:

  1. Recognize that YOU are the owner of your business’s results. Every situation you encounter, every individual with whom you interact have the opportunity to shape your mood. Actively manage your attitude and motivate those with whom you interact.
  2. Focus on the best. Walking into a situation anticipating the best may help lead toward that conclusion. Your optimism will surely spill over to those around you. If you miss a sales goal or quota, take a deep breath, look back at what might have gone wrong then adjust your course moving forward.
  3. Shout your successes from the rooftop! Shine a spotlight on the awards and commendations your company has received, recognize a high-performing team member, and celebrate goals met.

Optimism can be learned and will grow sharper. The more positive you are each day the brighter your outlook will be.

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