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Smoothly on-boarding new clients is important to any business. To make it memorable, after lunch at one of the recent team meetings of my virtual accounting staff we made it into a game. The game was a fun way to act out our new client system.

I’m the one who talks with prospective clients, so I started it off. A soccer ball represented our new client. When the signed agreement was received back from the prospect/now client, I notified our accounting manager and passed the ball to her. She in turn assigned an accounting associate and passed the ball to our administrative assistant who set up the new client’s file. Our assistant then passed the ball to the accounting associate when the file was sent up. The next step was for a conference call with the accounting associate and the new client. And on and on it went until all 36 things on our new client checklist were completed. You know you’ve won the game when the new client is smoothly on-boarded and is experiencing peace of mind.

What can you do to make your new client process smoother?

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