Preparing To File Your 2015 Taxes

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The tax filing deadline may have been extended this year (to April 18, 2016) but those additional days don’t mean you want to put off tax filing until the last minute.

Here are some items you need to be aware of when preparing to file your 2015 business tax return:

  • Accountants are extremely busy this time of year. Get your books to your accountant or tax preparer early to get on their schedule.virtual-accounting-office
  • Your CPA needs a fully reconciled Balance Sheet from you with all the supporting documentation. This insures that your books are in order and accurate.
  • Don’t do your own taxes! Tax laws change every year and tax professionals are worth their weight in gold! (FYI: We don’t do taxes; that’s what your CPA is for.)
  • Gather all your documents. We maintain paperless files for Your Virtual Accounting Office®  clients to keep all their paperwork organized throughout the year.

Set aside time this week to get your information to your accountant for your tax returns. Deadlines for corporate returns is March 15th and most CPAs request that complete information be to them by February 15th.

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