Productivity Matters!

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Being productive at work isn’t all that difficult if you understand some very basic rules of productivity.  Some of these may seem counter-intuitive.

productivity Here are some quick tips for productivity:

  • First, the counter-intuitive one:  Take breaks! If your mind is overwhelmed and you’re feeling stressed you don’t function at peak capacity. Taking a break will help you mentally and physically refocus. When you take a break consider taking a walk or meditating. Use your mind and body in a different way than when you’re working.
  • Create productivity cycles. These cycles are based on your personal times of productivity. If you’re an early bird, make certain you are ready to jump into the tasks you find most challenging at that time of the day. If your energy peaks mid-afternoon, save that time for key projects. Knowing yourself will help you understand your more productive times.
  • Measure productivity. If you’re a business owner you won’t be measuring productivity by counting the number of hours you sat in your office. Business owners measure productivity in the amount of new clients they signed up, the number of issues they resolved, or the number of projects completed. Your productivity measurements are as unique as your business entity.

What can you do to be more productive? How do you measure your levels of productivity against your business success? We’d love to hear!


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