When you made the decision to go into business for yourself, chances are you had a particular area of expertise on which you were going to focus. You likely never thought of having to become a salesperson, right? As a business owner, if you’re not making sales or have someone else doing that for you, you won’t be in business for long!sales

Here are the five steps that make up a sales cycle:

  1. Prospecting: Look for those individuals or businesses that will benefit from your goods and services.
  2. Identify the prospect’s current situation: Understand the prospect’s pain point.
  3. Problem solve: Determine what their needs and desired outcome would be. This is a good time to ask how quickly they want the problem resolved. That will tell you about their urgency.
  4. Match your services: If you can provide a suitable solution, demonstrate to the prospect how it will resolve their problem. Explain your company’s strengths and its unique position to help them. Explain which of your products or services you feel will help them in their current situation and also how you can help them going forward.
  5. Outline next steps: Lead the prospect to beginning to work with you by telling them how that would happen. Explain the onboarding process so they’ll know what they need to do to get started as well as how you will deliver on your side. Let the client know what is needed from them to make the relationship work. In our virtual accounting business, we pay bills and prepare financial statements for client, but we can’t do that until they provide us the necessary information and access to allow us to do so!

Do you have a process in place for prospecting, follow-up, closing, and on-boarding a client?


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