Ready, Set, Rethink!

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Every year between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is my Rethinking Week. That’s the time I’ve set aside to consciously really work hard on my business and not in it.

I take a good look at my business and evaluate:

  • What did we do this year that worked out well?
  • What didn’t work out as well as we planned?
  • What good ideas did we talk about but not implement?
  • What could we have done better?
  • What should we do different?

The basis for rethinking is facts. You need hard numbers and real data here. That’s why one of our ongoing goals is good recordkeeping. If you need help getting your financial numbers together and in a format that provides usable information for you, I hope you know that our virtual accountants would be honored to assist you.

Remember that there’s more to recordkeeping than accurate financial statements. How did your prospects find you? What could you do to increase that? What is your closing rate? How are you tracking your follow up?

Knowing the real facts about 2012 will help you make 2013 even better and that is our wish for us all. Share with us what are you doing now to make 2013 your best year ever.

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