Redefining Failure

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Failure isn’t the end of the world. The effects of failure have been vastly exaggerated! When we fail to meet a goal we’ve simply found a wayPicture1 that doesn’t work or a timeframe that is unreasonable. More damaging than failure itself is the fear of failure. Fear can paralyze us and even keep us from trying again.

Redefining failure can defuse its effects. Think of failure as:

  • A teachable experience; learn from it and don’t do it that again.
  • Part of the journey and a universal experience; no one succeeds all the time.
  • A clean slate; it’s time regroup, refocus and make a new effort.

Every failure or setback takes you closer to discovering what will work. Those who are successful simply got going again after each failure.

Start anew today. Today is a clean slate with no mistakes on it!

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  1. Clearly stated…practice makes perfection. Perseverance is the key.


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