Remember 52 Pick Up?

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Do you remember the game (or trick) 52 Pick Up? It’s something my two brothers used to torture me with when I was a child. When we’d be playing a card game one of them would start to pass the cards to me for my turn to deal, then suddenly he’d throw them up in the air, yell “52 Pick Up” and they’d both run away. That’s what my week feels like this week! How about you?

Do you ever have a week when you have carefully scheduled lots of appointments, often strategically spacing them so you can do several on a trip into town, and all of a sudden they want to all reschedule? That was my Monday morning: 52 Pick Up!

What do you do when that happens? Since you’re not a child, you can’t yell “Mom, that’s not fair!” and have her come to help you. You have to pick up the most important cards and put them back in your game plan, knowing that they will probably not all fit in the new schedule. You also need to extend a little grace to those who needed to reschedule. Please also extend a little grace to yourself for your high expectations.

Here’s hoping next week is not as volatile and the schedule holds! Does this happen to you? Let us know how you handle it here.

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