Resistance is Futile!

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Why do so many of us resist change? It’s a fact of life. The only certainties in life are death, taxes and change!

Change is not bad; it is simply change. Different often means better. Look at the advancements in technology that have made our lives run smoother. Your cell phone or tablet may frustrate you at times, but think about the access to communication and information at your fingertips they allow you.

What will change and why should you care?

  • Your body – Use it or lose it is something to remember as you age. It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape!
  • The weather – Knowledge is power to avoid dangerous situations. (Thanks to my iPhone for a recent weather alert.)
  • The way we do business – Keep constantly improving what you do to stay on top (or to get there).

The Borg were right: resistance is futile. So embrace change and use it to your advantage. At least give it your best shot!

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  1. And then there’s times when ultimately change is proven to be less beneficial so going back to the original makes the original more golden. I find many of my acquaintances that have some of these modern technologies have lost the ability to survive during those down times because they can no longer think on their feet. Yes using a computer makes my written documents immeasurably more readable. Yes because of spell check I can type faster using a computer then on a typewrite as I have to slow down and see what I’m writing on a typewriter before I send the paper down a line for the next bit of typing (an improvement over the old typewriters that need a lot of White out as I was typing). Yes sending an E-mail saves time, especially when sent to long winded recipients as they can’t keep you on the phone when using E-mail. But when it comes to some things in my line of work keeping my mind lubricated so I can make a better decision Vs trusting the computer program to be accurate when we all know programs cannot think through a circumstance they way a well lubricated mind can. So think about change the next time you go to a store and the electricity fails. How many stores cannot sell you what you want without electricity to to use the computerized cash register.


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