If your business is a brick and mortar operation, hopefully new customers walk through your door all the time. If your business is in the service industry or if you’re a virtual business owner, there’s a chance that new business may come knocking on your door, but a better strategy might be to get out and be seen. So show up!

Be strategic about how, when and where you go:

  • Choose events where your target market will be attending.
  • Get there early to meet people as they arrive.
  • Don’t just talk to people you know, meet new people.
  • If you’re new to the group, ask the organizer who you should meet.
  • Be friendly. Talk less, listen more.
  • Have a plan to follow up.

Show up and be seen! You never know who you’ll meet! Last week was the Vistage All-City event. It was their biggest event of the year so I was there. Today is the NAWBO Phoenix Desert Diamond Awards Gala. It’s one of their two biggest events of the year so I’ll be showing up. How about you?

Where have you been showing up lately?

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