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Have you joined the paperless movement? Our office went paperless in 2004, long before document storage programs became readily available. It was one of the best moves we ever made. Of course, since I own a virtual accounting office, being paperless was a huge part of making that a reality. To be totally virtual you must be totally paperless! If you or any of your staff sometimes work virtually, either from home or when out of town, having a key document sitting on someone’s desk back at the office or in their briefcase at home, can really be a real stumbling block tovirtual paperless office progress.

When going paperless, be sure to consider these things:

  • How files and documents will consistently be named
  • How files will be structured
  • Have a secure, encrypted document sharing system
  • Have a safe backup system
  • Limit access to only employees who really need it

Remember, the same thing applies in paperless filing as in any filing: the purpose of filing is not just to file documents; it’s to be able to retrieve them!

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  1. I like paperless. We have a program with real-estate that allows us to have e-signatures instead of printing everything out. That saves a lot of paper.


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