Stretch or Contract?

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Do you stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis? Or do you contract with fear and insecurity? Which one serves you better?

Ponder this for a moment:

  • The more you do, the more you’ll be able to do. If you’re afraid of public speaking, how can you overcome that? Can you explain business rising starhow to do something to one person? Then to five people? Then to 50? That’s all public speaking is!
  • The less you do, the less you’ll be able to do. If you don’t practice something, even if you were good at it at one point in time, those skills will get rusty.

Growth is a vital part of life. You grow from a child into an adult, but hopefully you don’t stop growing there. You continue to grow intellectually, experientially and spiritually. This year, let’s all stretch, grow and expand!

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