Are You Halfway to Your Goals?

On June 30th, 2011, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 0 Comment

Where has 2011 gone? We are halfway through the year already! The big question is: are you halfway to the goals you set for this year? Have you generated half the income? If not, what are you planning to do differently? Are you halfway through the projects you planned to complete? If not, time to..

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What Makes A Great Leader?

On June 9th, 2011, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 0 Comment

You’re the CEO of your company but are you a great leader? What are the characteristics of a great leader?   Do you inspire others? Does your staff follow you because they believe in your vision and mission? ·Does your company have a “personality”? Your leadership personality trickles down to your employees. Are you charismatic?..

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Changed Thinking Changes Everything!

On May 24th, 2011, posted in: Accounting, BIZ-TIP by 1 Comment

Since we become what we think about, guard your mind against anything that is not true. Only you can do this. The wisest book says “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

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We are on the Radio

On May 19th, 2011, posted in: E-News, Uncategorized by 0 Comment

TAO CEO Carolyn Brown was a guest on the “Business for Breakfast” show with Ken Morgan on Money Radio 1510 recently. It is always fun to chat live about our unique services. Ken and his partner Julie Dougherty, CFP, have been interviewing all of the finalists for the Better Business Bureau Business Ethics Awards. Money..

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How Do You Bring Value?

On May 17th, 2011, posted in: Accounting, E-News, Marketing by 0 Comment

What do you know that would bring value to your client that is outside the scope of what you do for them? How would your client feel about you if you made a suggestion that could save him around $10,000 a year?

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Do You Have Endurance?

On April 26th, 2011, posted in: E-News, Uncategorized by 0 Comment

CPAs aren’t the only businesses with a busy season. Your business probably has one, too. How you deal with your busy season could be a key element in your business success. The strength and focus that’s needed to endure can propel your business forward in your non-peak times.

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It’s Easy Being Green – Sorry Kermit

On April 19th, 2011, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 0 Comment

Technology has made a huge difference it the way we do business and it turns out to be a lovely shade of green. Being green is “in” now, but we’ve been doing this since 2001!

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Do You Speak Up?

On April 12th, 2011, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 0 Comment

What is your reaction when you are asked to speak? Do you step up and take the microphone or do you run and hide? I enjoy speaking to business groups and participating in panels.

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Having to Send 1099 Forms to Every Vendor Law was Repealed

On April 8th, 2011, posted in: Accounting, Marketing by 0 Comment

"We applaud Congress for taking a positive first step toward removing the excessive cost burdens and uncertainties imposed on franchise small businesses as a result of the health care law,” said Steve Caldeira, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association.

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Who Else Can Do What You Are About to Do?

On March 29th, 2011, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 0 Comment

I know we all work hard, but life’s too short not to have fun! Even our work should be fun. When you are overwhelmed, it’s not fun!

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