Wrap it Up!

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Since our firm is totally paperless, after year-end we burn a CD for each client with all the documents supporting their income tax returns. Amazingly enough, we call it a Tax Support CD and we label it by year. This gives our clients all the documents they would need in case they were audited but it doesn’t mean that they’ll have boxes or file drawers full of papers. Included on the Tax Support CD are all of their bank statements along with our reconciliation reports, all the bills we have paid for them, any receipts they have given to us, sales tax and payroll reports, financial statements, any pertinent correspondence, W2s and 1099s that we sent or received for them, etc.

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Do You Have Endurance?

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CPAs aren’t the only businesses with a busy season. Your business probably has one, too. How you deal with your busy season could be a key element in your business success. The strength and focus that’s needed to endure can propel your business forward in your non-peak times.

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Are You Extended? You Have Until April 18th This Year!

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The personal income tax return filing deadline for 2010 returns is April 18, 2011. Evidently April 15th is some kind of holiday that isn’t on my calendar. To be safe, I’m filing by April 15th as usual. In fact, my return is already on its way.

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Having to Send 1099 Forms to Every Vendor Law was Repealed

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"We applaud Congress for taking a positive first step toward removing the excessive cost burdens and uncertainties imposed on franchise small businesses as a result of the health care law,” said Steve Caldeira, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association.

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What is Your Strategy?

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So many business owners are struggling with all the different hats they are wearing trying to make their businesses successful.

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Do You Pay You?

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Don’t let payroll is be a stumbling block for you! The IRS is very serious about it!! Paying themselves is one area that many S Corp owners aren’t aware that they are required to do. They think they can just take money out of their business as a draw like a sole-proprietor. Not so! Even..

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How Do You Focus?

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Are you like me? Do you have dozens of distractions every day? Some days between emails and phone calls it seems that my to-do list is totally ignored. The question I ask myself to get back on track is: What’s important now? There may be lots of things that I planned to do, but what..

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Your Remote CFO

On November 11th, 2010, posted in: BIZ-TIP by 0 Comment

While Your Virtual Accounting Office is perfect for business owners who want to outsource all their accounting functions, that is not always possible. Some businesses have a volume of daily activity may be high, they may synch another software package with their QuickBooks or they may just want accounting support on-site. Their solution is often..

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Want to Save on Your Taxes?

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Have you scheduled your pre-year-end tax review with your CPA yet? We always encourage our clients to do that in November. If you haven’t done it yet, here are a few good reasons why you should: There are some tax-saving ideas that you can’t do after December 31st Tax laws change and you want to..

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