I look at mid-year as a time to re-evaluate my business goals as well as clearing any clutter that may have accumulated since the beginning of the year.

Because I own a virtual accounting office and we are paperless, I don’t usually have too much clutter, but there is the one nagging pile business clutter that’s accumulating on my credenza. (I wonder what’s in there?!) Here are some tips to clear up the clutter:

  • Don’t rush the process. It may feel like you have to frantically clear the clutter around your desk or home, but if you rush it, you may inadvertently toss something you needed or file something in a place where you’ll never find it again (that goes for virtual filing as well). Set aside 15 minutes a day and tackle the project in a slow, methodical manner.
  • Make a plan before you start. Have a place for the items you’re clearing off your desk. That “place” could be the trash can, a file folder, or delegated to another team member. Knowing where you will put your clutter will help you in the de-cluttering process.
  • Define what a treasure to you is. If you’re like me your bookcases contain not just books, but other “treasures” as well. I can see the Arizona and US flags that graced our table when I won the US Small Business Administration award back in 2010, a “No Whining Any Time” card from a Marsha Petrie Sue seminar, a ”Whatever It Takes” sign from my mentor Patricia Drain, and on and on. Is it time to evaluate if these treasures still need to occupy space in your office? Do they still hold that amount of importance they once did? Is it time for them to be shared or given to someone else?

While some people believe they work best in a desk that is cluttered and chaotic, studies show that is not a productive way to work and in fact a cluttered desk top can inhibit creativity. If you address your clutter you’ll experience a sense of freedom and probably a boost in productivity.


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