Thank You!

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They are two simple, common words. But how often do you hear them? This little expression of gratitude is sadly missing so often in our busy lives today.

Here’s my challenge to you today: See if you can find 10 people today to say,  “Thank you” to. They don’t have to do big, grandiose things for you; say thanks for simple things.

Look for opportunities to express gratitude:thank you

  • Did your barista make your favorite coffee or tea drink?
  • Did someone hold a door open for you after they walked through it?
  • Did your coworker split the last donut with you?

If so, say “Thank you!” This simple expression of gratitude will make them smile, which will make you smile. Everyone looks better with a smile on his or her face! So go out there and appreciate someone.

Thank you, my loyal readers, for your comments and encouragement. You brighten my life!

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2 Responses to Thank You!
  1. Thank you is something that should be done automatically no matter how insignificant the action is perceived. Saying thank you should not consume one with when & where to do it, rather it should be done because one is a lady or gentleman. And without thought to getting a response.

  2. And THANK YOU Carolyn for providing good advice in a short and concise format that we can read and remember! All the best during this season of Gratitude!


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