That Was Easy!

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One of my friends is fond of saying, “Nothing is ever easy!” She expects things to be complex, confusing, and filled with difficulties. Guess what? For her, they often are!

One of the unwritten laws of life is you get what you expect to get. If you expect problems, you’ll surely find them. Instead why not expect ease and comfort? When you’re expecting things to go well you’ll notice all the big and little ways they do.

When you’re late for a meeting if you expect to be delayed in traffic, you probably will inadvertently get in the slowest lane. If you expect that even though you got on the road late you’ll still get to your meeting on time you will probably hit every green light, choose the fastest moving lane, and find a parking place right in front of the building. Why? Because that’s what you’re expecting so you’re subconsciously looking for it!

There are lots of difficulties in life, but we don’t need to create more with our mindset. Expect good and it will come to you. That was easy!

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