Business owners need to set limits in order to get work done! As a virtual accountant I could spend all day, every day in my office working on my business, but I know I need to have set office hours and set aside “me” time or I won’t be as useful to my clients and staff as I need to be.

Entrepreneurs stricken with a growth mindset often feel they need to spend all of their waking hours in the office. Actually, they would be more productive if they didn’t! Set limits, stick to your limits, take care of yourself and your business can grow and you can stay healthy!business limits

How does a business owner set limits? Here are my top three suggestions:

  1. Set limits with social media and email and close the programs after the time limit is up. Getting a Facebook “ping” or a notification that “you’ve got mail” distracts me from the task at hand. Setting limits and avoiding distractions will make you more productive.
  2. Do you have a labor or time intensive task that you’re putting off? Set a timer and work on it in bite-sized chunks like 15 minutes. The idea of knowing you don’t have to complete an in depth task all in one sitting is freeing. Setting the timer lets you know there is an end in sight without your having to check the clock the entire time.
  1. Along the lines of Number 2, make your plans concrete. Rather than saying, “I will make client follow up calls on Tuesday,” schedule client calls on Tuesday from 10 to noon on your calendar. A concrete plan and a definite time will help you get more done because it is not a fluid task, but a planned action.

If you have set your limits and are making progress, reward yourself! Treat yourself to a walk in the sunshine, a talk on the phone with a friend, a cup of coffee or tea at the local coffee shop and relax!

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