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It’s been three years since I’ve done an eNews or eZine. I remember when I’d write three articles each month and match them with photos or graphics. Then there was the time I spent trying to figure out how to get it all put together to balance out space-wise. I used to really stress out over it. It was not fun!

Then I decided to do “Biz-Tips” instead. What a difference! They are:


  • Short; usually 150 to 200 words and sometimes less
  • Focused on value; providing the reader with something to make them more effective or efficient in their business
  • Targeted specifically for small business owners and professionals
  • Quick and easy for me to do; requiring minutes, not hours
  • Read; even extremely busy people read our “Biz-Tips” because of the points above

What do you know that you could share? What could you provide quickly and concisely that would provide value?

I love writing “Biz-Tips” and have now written hundreds of them. I so appreciate each of you, the readers, who take the time to email me or post comments on our blog. It is my pleasure to be of service!

Would you like a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to discuss how our virtual accounting and bill paying service can meet your business or personal needs? Great!

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