The Words We Say

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Sometimes the words that come out of my mouth amaze me! Did you really say that? More importantly, did you really mean that? This Picture1afternoon I’m meeting with an old friend. Wait a minute, she’s not old! What she is really is a long-time friend.

Words are containers for power, so choosing the right words is important. What we say to people matters. Some really powerful words are please, thank you, you’re welcome, I’m sorry. One of my favorite ways to end emails to clients is, “We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.” It’s true, but how often do we say it?

This Thursday I’ll be speaking to the Greater Arizona Better Business Bureau on “The #1 Most Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Fix It!” You can bet I’ll be hoping all my words have the impact I intend to help them make their businesses more successful. You can still register here. Use the word Guest in the company field if you aren’t a BBB accredited business.

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