If you spend so much of your time reading about productivity that your own productivity suffers, you are not alone! Many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to “get it all done.” I sometimes find myself in that boat when managing my virtual accounting office.

Here are three productivity facts that are both quick to read and will actually help:

  1. Tuesdays are considered the most productive day of the week! Interesting, right? If you agree, then schedule your most pressing tasks for Picture2that day.
  2. The most productive time of the day is 10:26 am. As a virtual accounting professional, I love the specificity of this time, but what does it mean for an entrepreneur? It simply means that the morning is typically a more productive time of the day than is 2:55 pm which was deemed the least productive time of the workday.
  3. The least productive day of the week is Friday. That probably doesn’t come as any surprise, right? Use Friday as your “catch up” day to clean off your desk so it will be fresh and clear for Monday morning.
  4. Leave your priority task for Monday front and center on your desk when you leave the office on Friday. It improves the chances that it will be the first thing you work on Monday morning.

The bottom line on productivity for entrepreneurs is to know your own personal most productive times of the day and week and then capitalize on those when you’re working on your to-do list.

What productivity tips do you embrace?

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