Are there times when the workday is over and you look back at your desk and wonder, “What did I accomplish today?”  We all have those days when we are exhausted but can’t quite put our finger on what we did all day long. Days like those make the next work day something you dread because now you’re faced with two days of to-do lists.

Here are three steps you can take to become more productive, and less frazzled:

  1. You need to prioritize. Not all tasks are “must-dos.” There may be tasks you can delegate to others so that you can focus on those tasks that only you can perform. As a virtual accountant who supervises a remote team, there are tasks I know I can delegate and that allows me to focus on my core competencies. Having priorities helps you focus your efforts and maximize your time.
  2. Use your time with intention. We are all only blessed with 24 hours every day in which to work, live our lives and catch some sleep. If you use your time intentionally you will get more out of all aspects of your life. Simply thinking about what you want to accomplish will not get it done. You have to take intentional action in the time frames you’ve set.
  3. Schedule time for yourself. Find a time during your day or at the end or beginning of it to simply “be.” Read a book. Take a walk. Spend time with family and friends.  Whatever you enjoy doing for yourself, schedule that time and guard it zealously.

Take some time today to look at your calendar. Does it truly reflect your life purpose and your work priorities? If not, remember, you are in charge of your 24-hours, make the most of them!


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