So many people have an office in their home now; it’s a major trend. You might work at home all the time or just occasionally. Either way, working effectively from home requires a specific skill set that may not apply to those who work in an office building.

Use these tips to be skilled at working from home:

  • Get your head in the game! If you think you’re going off to work, you will be productive. If you think you’re home for the day, your productivity will suffer.
  • Have a set place that is your office. Don’t work at the kitchen table or on the sofa.
  • Have set office hours. It doesn’t have to be 9 to 5. Pick what works for you.
  • Establish a productive routine while you’re in your office. Have a plan of action.
  • Avoid environmental distractions. Don’t leave the TV or talk radio on for noise. Close the blinds if your office looks out at the street.

To work efficiently and effectively from home you need to apply the same dedication you would use going to a “real” office. After all, your home office IS a real office! How do you remain productive in your home office?

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2 Responses to Tips for Working from Home
  1. Great tips here. I work from home sometimes myself and have afforded myself a desk and chair in a quiet part of my house. That way it feels like I’m going to work, and I even dress as if I were going to work. This again helps boost productivity.

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