While I don’t believe in labeling people or things, when it comes to entrepreneurs, there are several common traits they all possess.

What traits make up a great business owner? Here are a few:Values B&W

  1. They inspire their staff through their own vision and the strategy they have in place for success. They have a clear vision of success, a path to get there, and the ability to articulate it to the team. They bring a forward-thinking attitude to the table and share it with those around them.
  2. They foster a culture of success based on the core values they and their team put forth in their daily business dealings. When new people join their team, they are oriented to the culture and values first.
  3. They have systems and procedures in place that make routine tasks flow smoothly. These systems also help guide everyone on the team when something out of the ordinary occurs. Let’s face it, that happens regularly! When something unusual does occur, a savvy business owner formulates a process around it and captures it in their system!  That’s how systems grow and are perfected.

Are there any traits that you feel are specific to the entrepreneurial-minded?

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