In my years as a virtual accountant I have come across potential business partners who have not delivered on the promises they have made. What did I do when that happened consistently? I moved onto a new business partner. If you make a promise to a client or a potential client, you need to deliver. If you don’t, your credibility takes a hit that is difficult to recover from.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. You’ll set yourself up for failure. If a client asks you to do something that is outside of the realm of the services that you offer, don’t say yes. It’s all right to tell a client, “I’m sorry but that isn’t a service we provide, but let me put you in touch with XYZ Company. They should be able to help you out.” This positions you as a valuable resource even if you could directly handle the project. Stick to what you do best.

Have a proven system that insures your success. Figure out what steps need to be taken to over-deliver and then do them. Don’t keep reinventing the wheel. Your clients and colleagues will feel better about your relationship when they see consistency in your performance. Consistent performance helps to build trust and trust is the basis of all good relationships.

What can you do to under-promise but over-deliver for your clients?


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