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As business owners we get so immersed in working IN our business that we may not spend enough time working ON our business. One way you can work on your business that might amp up your client base is by giving your social media bios aka profiles a once-over.

When is the last time you looked at your profile on your LinkedIn account or your Facebook business page? The time might be ripe to do just that. Here are some parts of these profiles to pay attention to:

  1. Does your bio speak to your current audience or the audience you want to attract? If not add in keywords that will make you more update biossearchable to your ideal client. My clients love that I am a virtual accountant. Why? Because they know that no matter their geographic location, they can work with me! That is something I keep in mind when building my profiles so the searching “spiders” keep us on the first page – even back East!
  2. What are your top three qualifications? Make sure they are highlighted in the headlines on your social media profiles. Ask your current clients what words come to mind when they think of you because these words may be just the ones that prospective clients are using to find you. If your clients will let them quote you using those words, all the better.
  3. Keep it as short as possible. Many readers will not wade through your entire profile to see if you’re a person with whom they want to work. Keeping this in mind, you will want to put your most important info at the top of your profile and use bullet points.

Once you’ve updated and upgraded your profile, spread the word on your social media accounts to let everyone know. You don’t have to say, “I have a new and improved profile” but you can say, “I’ve recently updated my profile to better show the world who I am!”

When is the last time you updated your profiles?

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