There is so much for an entrepreneur to do in the course of a day – believe me, I know! When I make my way to the office of my virtual accounting business I know I need to maximize my time. I also understand that using social media is a great way to grow my network and my influence.

When you’re making a decision on which social media to spend your time on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or industry social media sites, you need to decide where your audience is. If they’re not on Facebook, then you should spend your time on the social media where they are spending their time.

In my business, I’ve decided that LinkedIn is a place I need to spend my time because of the audience of business owners I want to interact with. social mediaIf you decide that LinkedIn is where your audience is, here are tips to make the most of the time you spend there:

  1. Complete your profile fully. Add a photo. Update your skills, awards won, the company you work for or business you own, your prior experience, organizations you’re involved with.
  2. Ask for recommendations from clients and associates and provide recommendations to those who ask if you know someone who would meet their needs.
  3. Join groups. LinkedIn has networking groups that it might make sense to join. Jump in a time or two a week and answer a question, interact with others in the group, or even ask a question when you’re there.
  4. Post status updates that are providing your followers helpful information. Don’t spend all of your time on your social media platforms pushing a “buy me” message. Become the go-to expert and when a potential client wants to buy, they will remember you.
  5. Like and comment on the status updates of others. Social media is about being social and it’s imperative that you interact.

What social media platform do you feel is best for your business interactions?


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