As a business owner do you take advantage of the benefits of being virtual? Do you offer that option to your employees? Here are some of the virtual benefits we reap:

  • Working from in your pajamas or whatever you choose
  • Commuting from your kitchen to your home office – what a stress, time and cash saving!
  • Setting your own hours as long as you get the work done and are available for clients
  • Flexibility for family obligations

All this while earning a paycheck!? It’s true, especially for our virtual accounting associates. When I started my accounting business, I knew there were going to be times when I’d want to travel or head up to the cabin. With a virtual business, as long as there was Internet access, the world is my office!

Our virtual accounting associates revel in the flexibility of their career paths while still feeling part of a team and enjoying the satisfaction they get from their chosen profession.

As a business owner, just think of the money you might be able to save if you didn’t have to supply office space to your employees by letting them work from home. You can hire a new person without having to buy another desk, chair and computer! What would your budget look like with no rent on it?

Have you and your team gone virtual? Are you considering it? If you have any questions, just ask! I’d love to hear from you!

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